Simple pricing, based on the number of active users that you have.

All prices excluding VAT.
Discounts available for more than 25 users.

Enterprise Add-Ons

Enterprise Toolkit

Unlocks the ability to set up multiple environments within yout organisation, and enables SSO authentication with external providers, such as Microsoft Active Directory.


SQL Sync Agent

If you can’t use any of the cloud integrations that we offer, then you can install our SQL Agent to synchronise data between DOWO Flow and a local SQL database running on your own systems.


Custom Branding

All accounts come with access to the DOWO Flow Branded Apps & Web Portal to use at no additional cost.

If you want your own custom branded apps, then you can simple add them at any time, and seamlessly transition across with no downtime.

App As A Service

Either Apple or Android native apps carrying branding, images and colour schemes of your choice published into the relevant app stores for all to download.

£80/month + £200 Setup Fee

Windows App

Microsoft Windows Desktop App with branding, images and colour schemes of your choice, for you to deploy to your workers.

£80/month + £200 Setup Fee

Website As A Service

Rebrand the DOWO Flow online platform with your identity, giving a fully cusomised site under your name to your staff and clients, with no mentioned to DOWO Flow anywhere.